Sound Advice

Edward Harrington Heyburn, Esq. is a New Jersey trial attorney concentrating on both Civil and Criminal litigation. His personal injury success portfolio includes:

Three (3) $1,000,000 plus verdicts for injured Plaintiffs.

He has represented Defendants charged with first-degree crimes, which were tried to “not guilty” verdicts.

His success is a product of his understanding of the law and the use of modern technology in the courtroom.  When Ed Heyburn is not trying cases, he is teaching colleagues how to use technology in their practice.


Civil Litigation
Criminal Matters
Personal InjuryDrug Cases
Employment DiscriminationSexual Assault/Abuse
Consumer FraudTraffic Matters
Defamation/PrivacyMunicipal Court
Civil RightsDomestic Violence
Workers CompensationHomicide/Manslaughter
Administrative LawFederal Court


  • “Not every lawyer is meant to be in a courtroom.  You definitely don’t want to find this out when it matters the most.”  

~ Edward Harrington Heyburn

  • “I want to be the one person you call when there is no one else to call.  I want to be your lawyer!” 

~ Edward Harrington Heyburn